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Meet Karen

Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Karen Fountaine is an experienced professional in the field of church safety and security. With twelve years in this specialized area, she has dedicated herself to ensuring the well-being of congregations and institutions.

Karen is a Certified Concealed Carry and Defensive Pistol Instructor through USCCA and is currently pursuing her CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) Certification through the National Institute of Crime Prevention.

She served as the Director of Security for a prominent megachurch for three years, and successfully led a 28-member safety team.

Growing up in a church environment, Karen understands the delicate balance between faith and security, and she recognizes the importance of creating a safe space for worship.


She is actively involved in her church and the broader community, alongside her husband, contributing to the betterment of others.  With her extensive experience, commitment to customization, and deep-rooted connection to the church community, Karen Fountaine is a trusted expert and an invaluable resource for any congregation or school seeking a comprehensive and tailored approach to safety.

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